About Us
Imysecy is a wholly owned subsidiary and one of the key initiatives of G Cube partners. The company is founded by a small group of people in San Francisco, London & New Delhi who have lived their lives in Corporate & Small Business world. The founders have engineering degrees from top ivy league schools & and MBAs from the top 5 B-Schools in the world.We believe that previously it was large companies who outsourced their activities to experts and lowered their cost, now it’s the turn of small & medium businesses as well as individuals to do this. This has become possible as internet, broadband, smart phones & computing has become ubiquitous in every business and for every individual. This allows talent (Supply) to connect with customers (Demand) and work gets done one bit at a time by experts around the world.

iMysecy.com is a game changer in micro outsourcing. It is leading the next wave offlattening of the world. For customers this allows for –
(1) costs to be variable (when work drops, so do your costs),
(2) capacity to be burstable (When suddenly work peaks you have the staff via iMysecy.com available on a tap)
(3) access to the best experts & talent you could not retain on your payrolls
(4) lowest possible costs – our teams are either home based in your country or in low cost countries, since they are shared you pay only for the time you use

The founders brought their years of experience to bear in helping design the service, best practices and cutting edge use of technology and above all a work environment where the team feel excited & highly motivated.

We promise to change the way busy individuals and small / medium business work. If you always think of “GIVE ME MORE, BETTER FASTER, CHEAPER” then iMysecy.com is one way to get that from your extended team.


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