Don’t Stay Hungry…Don’t Stay Foolish….Get all “Jobs” done

Content , Admin, Marketing and Technology

If you can’t afford or find staff when you need them chances are you are being foolish and not being hungry enough! Your competition is for sure leveraging a growing breed to companies like and who can get pretty much any “job” done at less than a third of your current costs.

These firms use a mix of dedicated and freelance expert staff. Micro-outsourcing is growing with an estimated 10million+ freelance talent now traversing the www suggesting a shift in the way Small Medium Business or even busy individuals get their “jobs” done.

Take an example of Rafael a client of…..while he focuses on his core work , a virtual assistant helps him get his powerpoint presentation up and ready for his next sales pitch

A leading university’s Alumni Affairs Manager got 10,000+ alumni list created, refreshed for which iMysecy used it proprietary Contact Management service which leverages more than 300 social media environments.

Stefan hosted a Webinar on plastic technologies with complete support from including finding 500+ relevant target execs from linked in and of course the entire admin and follow up for the event.

A flooring company in Canada got their entire flooring line on a shopping cart in less than 10 days..

So if you are a Small Medium Business or super busy individual, you can keep your focus on growing your topline from the front office while the backoffice work is taken care of by these virtual admin firms.

If you don’t act now chances are that your lunch is being eaten by your competition who are not foolish and clearly don’t want to be hungry in low growth times. Get your own virtual assistant and feed that apetite…


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